Microsoft Origami – how to NOT do customer evidence

If any of you have been following the Microsoft Origami saga, this is a good example of how not to promote your customer work.

Microsoft are allegedly releasing a new product codenamed origami. They’ve put together a web site to create a buzz around the launch. In an unusual move for Microsoft they’re trying to do this in a viral way – the actual announcement isn’t happening until March 2, and the site isn’t giving too much away. However, Digital Kitchen (a nu meeja shop) post examples of their client work on their web site – including a product video for the Origami product (a handheld device)!

Needless to say, DK took the video down pretty quickly, but not fast enough – it’s now been captured by lots of other sites and it’s doing the rounds of the blogs.

You’ve got to hope that this was a deliberate ploy by MS, otherwise someone at DK’s going to be feeling pretty unhappy.


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