Google, Ireland and Yoshi

Seattle is a wonderful place. It’s been my home for the last four years, and what a four years! I’ve got married, had a son and made many great friends. But with the implending arrival of Yoshi in November (we’ve nick-named him/her Yoshi in honour of the Flaming Lips song, not the Nintendo character of Super Mario fame) we’ve made the decision to return to Europe to be closer to our family.

Never one to make things easy on myself, rather than move back to our home-land (UK) we’re actually going to start afresh in a new country – Ireland. I’ve been offered a job with Google in Dublin, and we’re all very excited to be moving to such a vibrant, friendly and, let’s face it, funky place (Dublin and Google).

We’ll be arriving in Dublin on the 4 July, and I’m sure that I’ll make a post or two on the move.


3 Responses to “Google, Ireland and Yoshi”

  1. Working Girl Says:

    Seattle will miss you, sorely.

    Nice blog! And I see you have worked out how to include links in a blog roll, which I have not.

    Baby name reminder: Steve or Stephanie are also lovely names.

  2. Tom Newsom Says:

    Congratulations on your big move! For what it’s worth, you should keep “Yoshi” — it basically translates into “Good” or “Better” which is a great omen for your future and family.

  3. franklydave Says:

    Thanks Tom,
    I had no idea what Yoshi translated to – what a great middle name it will be 🙂

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