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Google Gears – any guessing who will come next?

May 30, 2007

Google have announced a platform for building offline capable web applications (Scoble covers the details well). I think everyone has noticed the inherant problem that SaaS desktop applications only work online (in fact, even I posted about offline problems with SaaS a couple of months ago), but this now removes that barrier.

This is a huge deal – it really challenges he traditional software model – and Microsoft must be a little concerned about how this impacts MS Office!

Scoble, also just posted an update that someone else is “going offline” tomorrow. With all the talks of acquisitions lately I’m hoping that it’s Now that would be something!

<update> So I guess I got that one wrong – looks like Real Networks have taken video content offline. I’d still love to see SFC do the same.


Net Promoter and Blogs

April 24, 2006

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Guardian’s Amazon Article. In particular I’m wondering how this links in with the work that we’ve been doing around the Net Promoter metric. The Net Promoter metric is based on a single question can (supposedly) tell you everything you need to know about your customers – ” would you recommend us to a colleague”. The idea is that word of mouth marketing can make or break a company – even in a B2B environment. It’s not necesarily the word of mouth marketing that is causing the success, but it definitely acts as a barometer for the level of customer focus.

However, if blogging becomes as all pervasive as some think then it will definitely be the word of mouth marketing that is causing the success or, as Scoble points out, if your company isn’t blogging then it will be seen with a level of suspicion.

Of course, it’s still not the blogging that makes a company client focused, it’s what the you do with the information that you learn – just the same with Net Promoter.