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July 30, 2007

I foolishly thought that I’d get a chance to blog about my international rellocation. However, all of my time has been spent on the move, and I haven’t had much chance to put virtual pen to paper. We’ll be moving into our new house in Dalkey, Dublin this weekend, and our belongings should be turning up the week after. So hopefully I’ll be able to draw breath and write something with a bit more substance soon.


Google, Ireland and Yoshi

May 16, 2007

Seattle is a wonderful place. It’s been my home for the last four years, and what a four years! I’ve got married, had a son and made many great friends. But with the implending arrival of Yoshi in November (we’ve nick-named him/her Yoshi in honour of the Flaming Lips song, not the Nintendo character of Super Mario fame) we’ve made the decision to return to Europe to be closer to our family.

Never one to make things easy on myself, rather than move back to our home-land (UK) we’re actually going to start afresh in a new country – Ireland. I’ve been offered a job with Google in Dublin, and we’re all very excited to be moving to such a vibrant, friendly and, let’s face it, funky place (Dublin and Google).

We’ll be arriving in Dublin on the 4 July, and I’m sure that I’ll make a post or two on the move.

What do Star Wars and a famous river in Korea have in common?

May 11, 2007

I have a lot of respect for sub-editors.  Writing catchy headlines is a skill that amazes and eludes me (as evidenced above). With that in mind I have to take off my hat to the sub for the Benton Crier who came up with a wonderful headline to describe a high-wire act performing over a famous Korean river. The title? 

Skywalkers in Korea cross Han solo

What else 🙂

Organic chocolate ice cream!

March 12, 2007

I was over at Google’s mountain view campus on Friday, and got to experience their legendary food. It lived up to all expectations – even their vegetarian offerings were amazing. I particularly fell in love with their organic chocolate ice cream! I can see why their engineers would never want to go home.

Now this iLike

March 2, 2007

I’ve only just discovered this wonderful little plugin for iTunes and Windows Media Player called iLike. It posts your music playing history to a community site that you can then use to find new music, or simply see what your mates are listening to.

 If you’re at all interested, my recent plays are all here.